TVUSD School Board Election on Tuesday

We urge you to vote in Tuesday’s election, because we have an amazing opportunity to replace 3 out of the 5 members of the TVUSD school board, and if we can replace those members with good candidates, we will have a majority who may actually listen to the people whose lives their decisions impact. And our family is living proof that the actions of a school board can have enormous impact on your life.

We believe that even without the authorization by some TVUSD administrators of a 21-Jump Street type operation that resulted in the entrapment and arrests of 22 children (9 who were special education), there are numerous reasons to replace the current school board members. This includes what many believe to be the waste of millions of our tax dollars, questionable accounting, mistreatment of special education students and their families, and much more. In fact, two weeks ago, TVUSD Superintendent Timothy Ritter was fined by the State of California Fair Political Practices Commission because he did not disclose gifts he received from Stone & Youngberg LLC, an investment banking company who was fined for its involvement in the Bernie Madoff scandal.

The three current school board members whose seats are up for grabs on Tuesday are Robert Brown, Vincent O’Neal, and Richard Shafer. O’Neal has already decided not to run for re-election, so that’s one seat that will be changed. While we believe that any of the challengers would be an improvement over the incumbents, here are the three candidates that we believe could be the game changers that we need.
If you haven’t already voted by mail, please get out and vote on Tuesday. We believe that the futures of our children are at stake.


Catherine and Doug Snodgrass

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