Superintendent to Entrapped Students: DROP DEAD

Jonathan GreenburgHistory is filled with those who have staunchly embedded themselves on the wrong side of issues, and history is never kind to them. Meet one of the newest members of this exclusive club, Perris Union High School District Superintendent Jonathan Greenberg.

Greenberg’s legacy is the authorization of a 2013 undercover operation in his Perris and Menifee schools, approximately 20 miles from Temecula. The operation was nearly identical to the 2012 Temecula operation. Included in the arrest was a 15-year-old special education student, who read at third grade level. The boy spent Christmas holidays behind bars and was charged with a felony after selling a single Vicodin pain pill for $3, which had been prescribed to him, to a Riverside County sheriff’s deputy who posed as a student all semester.

Greenberg has not hesitated from piling on these kids since the arrest, seemingly bragging about his role to anyone who will listen. In Teen Vogue of all places, Greenberg said, “We hope for them that this is the worst day of their lives.”

Stay classy John.

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  1. Paul Clay
    March 19, 2015 at 5:35 pm

    There is so much more to say about Dr. Greenberg and Special Education. The legacy of Dr. Greenberg is one of constant and embarassing neglect of the needs of the teachers who support these very precious students. Often, the SPED teachers themselves are at or above their legal cap for students–28–and yet the administration has done little to rectify this problem, except to tell the teachers they have to do more in less time. There has been a SPED position open at Heritage High School for nearly a year–the two people hired this year each spent only a few days in that position before quitting it. Many are denied access to the Alternative High School because of a severe limitation on the number of students allowed to go there. The list of incidents is incredible and offensive, including accusing one Special Education student of starting a fight based upon falsified information–I know it was falsified, because they put my name on a student discipline referral that I did not write. There is perhaps no department that is as disheartened as Special Education–and teachers are voting with their feet. My name is Paul Clay, I am a teacher at Heritage and the President of the Perris Secondary Educators Association, and if you would like to reach meI am at

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