1 comment for “Judge’s Decision – Case Dismissed!

  1. dennis tactikos
    November 6, 2015 at 9:45 am

    Dear citizens of Riverside California… Please take a minute…remove your heads from your assholes, and understand the “Chinatown ” like corruption that has taken place within your prosecutors office.. These Judas Goats lead you into slaughter and you willingly follow.This along with the fact that the Prosecutors office has is now in cahoots with the school board and since Blaine Hopp cant prosecute murderers and lets them walk…He has adapted the same M.O . as that prick Michael Hubbard and waged war on special needs kids…They usually can’t afford high priced lawyers and are much easier to control….When they have Judges in their pockets (Raquel Marquez) who obstruct justice and grant immunity to SCHOOL OFFICIALS..something is rotten in riverside.. And Hopp.. I can only hope your new daughter is healthy and never runs across corrupt law enforcement,judicial or school incompetence that Jesse faced..As far as the citizens in Riverside…Shame on you..Grow some stones and stand up to this corruption

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