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We genuinely appreciate all donations to the Jesse Snodgrass Legal Fund which help to fund our son’s lawsuit against the Temecula Valley Unified School DistrictOur legal expenses are significant, many which are coming out of our pocket, unlike the TVUSD’s legal fees, which are being paid by our taxes. 





If you have any questions, please contact us.  Thanks

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7 months 13 days ago

I saw the story on VICE news channel, and was absolutely disgusted how police act in order to increase income through taxes. They are creating perpetrators of children and citizens in order to feed the wheel and drain taxpayer money from the government.

9 months 6 days ago

As a father of an autistic son myself, I am just beside myself with the impact that this has on all your lives. The devastation for all of you must be unbearable. Best wishes for you, and hoping to do what I can to contribute, and will push this as much as I can. Question for you, have you talked to NORML about this yet?

9 months 6 days ago

i’m french my spelling is bad for give
jese we in canada ,,, montrea love you

9 months 6 days ago

Whats this cop going to like when hes on the st planting
on kids who he stops
he is on his way to being a rogue violent cop ypu folks inthat town keep an eye
whats with those lame judges why not kick all the charges out they where entrape
they trude that our school
but on of the students saw saw the under cover cop being picke up by his dad? he knew the dad because he busted him for speeding a month before.
so my son got together with a few buddys and made a pan of browines full of xlax
the cop keep trying to buy weed they told him they only used wed with browines
and to prove he was on the up an up they would see him a dozen but he would have to eat 2 infront
of them
hee hee there was no weed in the cookies so they busted 9 kids for selling weed
how ever when it got to court the judge kicked the case out
charged the cops with false arest, the parents sued and got $29.000 each
but the setilment was kept confidential

the sight of that u c cop he was look for a place to chance his pants.
now and then some of th parents send him a doze sets of depends
that how we do it in canada

1 year 1 month ago

These cops are doing less to help society than these poor children. I’m am really disappointed.

Drug use is WRONG. This, however is simply a case of desperate cops looking for promotion by targeting innocent children. I hope they come to realize that they should feel shame.

If you read this please tell Jesse I’m sorry for what happened to him. And my friend who is an Australian police officer thinks this is deplorable.