A Moment of Silence

This past Tuesday, we spoke at the Regular Meeting of the Governing Board of Temecula Valley Unified School District, during the public comments section. Here’s the video.

Here is the text of our comments:

We are Catherine and Doug Snodgrass. Our son is Jesse Snodgrass. We’re going to use our allotted time to remember the 22 victims of the undercover drug sting known as operation glass house, which occurred on three of our TVUSD high school campuses.

Please join us now in silently honoring these 22 children.

After our comments, we walked out of the building.

Here are TVUSD administrators shown in this video, going from left to right:

  • Kevin Hill, Board Member
  • Julie Farnbach, Board Member (not visible)
  • Sandy Hinkson, Board Member
  • Kristi Rutz-Robbins, Board Member (not visible)
  • Allan Pulsipher, Board President
  • Timothy Ritter, Superintendent
  • Lori Ordway-Peck, Assistant Superintendent, Business Support Services
  • Joe Mueller, Human Resources Development (Certificated)
  • Tiffany Martinez, Human Resources Development (Classified)
  • Jodi McClay, Assistant Superintendent, Educational Support Services

During the moment of silence, there were several things that made impressions on us, but we’ll only publicly comment on one at this time. Jodi McClay appeared to be expressing a hostile stare while resting her chin on her hand. In our opinion, this is a strangely inappropriate response to a request for a moment of silence to honor victims, some who spent the holidays – and longer – behind bars due to the now infamous undercover drug sting, Operation Glass House, which was authorized by Timothy Ritter. These children were students whose lives were destroyed under the watch of Ritter and McClay. It is also interesting to us that McClay was in attendance at the early morning closed-door emergency school board session, where the school board members were persuaded to approve an appeal of the State of California’s order to return our son, Jesse, to TVUSD.

1 comment for “A Moment of Silence

  1. Michael Harr Trueblood
    March 10, 2016 at 4:04 pm

    As a parent of an 11 year old son with High Fuctioning Autism i was appalled when I just saw your story on Viceland TV. I just had to post that I cried for you, for your husband and your son. Your son and my son have the same issues and it really struck home that it could have easily been my son…

    If you ever need letters written or phone calls made, I would be proud to help in anyway I can.

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